Announcing our newest release: the 2014 Dolce, Napa Valley

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Earth That's Like Nowhere On Earth


EnRoute. A Journey in Progress.

An unfinished trek. The act of being on the way to someplace meaningful and special and defining. To us, the name EnRoute explains our mission, our wine and above all, our never-ending quest to capture the most ethereal and sublime Pinot Noir imaginable.

Our route has taken us to the Russian River. Where the dense fog, the gravelly soil, the microclimates and the proximity to the cool Pacific Ocean create vineyards and conditions that work in concert to create some of the most textured, graceful and stylish Pinot Noirs on Earth.


EnRoute is the result of our passion for Pinot and the bounty derived from the incomparable Russian River Valley. If you love Pinot Noir, you’ll struggle to find the words. Unearth these special Pinots.

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After 40 Years, The Passion Still Stirs

Established in 2007 by the partners at Far Niente, EnRoute is the culmination of a more than 40-year passion for Pinot. Creating Pinot Noir is an altogether different art and science than Cabernet, and we maintained a steely resilience that prevented us from doing this any other way but the right way. We refused to compromise, did nothing that hastened the process, and settled for nothing less than superb Pinot.


A River Runs Through Us

The Russian River Valley has opened its arms wide to inspired and incomparable Pinot Noirs. Indeed, our flagship wine, "Les Pommiers," is the consummate blend of our best Russian River Valley fruit, from our vineyards as far south as the cool Green Valley and north through the upper Middle Reach areas of the Russian River Valley AVA. The captivating perfume, the layered fruit flavors, the silky palate, and the sheer purity of the wine underscore why this wine has achieved flagship status. And the preeminence of this Pinot reinforces our deep and abiding commitment to the Russian River Valley.

If our "Les Pommiers" draws on the best of the Russian River Valley as a whole, our single-vineyard program showcases the pedigree and standout expressions of specifically chosen sites. We craft very small quantities of these luscious single-vineyard Pinot Noirs, and they are each beautifully evocative of the place in which they were grown.

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